Alpine County, Carson City, Churchill County, Douglas County and Lyon County are in the Carson River Watershed.  Each county has the potential to impact the downstream communities making flooding a watershed-wide challenge.

From Carson Water Subconservancy District

A Regional Floodplain Management Plan was developed in 2008 to create a similar vision and mechanism to achieve goals related to floodplain management. The five counties within the Carson River Watershed adopted it and are implementing within their communities.  The Plan was most recently updated in 2018.


The 2008 Regional Floodplain Management Plan as well as the 2013 update can be accessed below.

Additionally, reports are written annually outlining the activities that the communities participated in that year.

2022-2023 CRS_CWSD Final Report

 2023 Progress Report

2021-2022 CRS_CWSD Final Report

2022 Progress Report

2021 Progress Report

2013-2014 CRS_CWSD Final Report