The Storm water Utility Fund is used to construct, operate and maintain the City’s flood protection, storm water infrastructure and protect water quality.

Why is it important to invest in the storm water system? There are three primary reasons why capital investments are necessary to manage storm water today and into the coming years.

  1. Carson City’s population has increased since the original storm water systems were installed, resulting in new houses, streets, parking lots and other structures to serve a larger population. These hard surfaces repel rainwater, resulting in an increase in the amount of storm water that must be managed.
  2. New regulations developed to address water quality and pollutants moving through storm water into rivers and streams require that Carson City put in place structures such as filters, water quality ponds and wetlands to reduce or remove pollutants prior to their release into water bodies and improve water quality.
  3. Much of the infrastructure in Carson City was installed many years ago and is in need of repair or replacement. In addition, older systems often require more frequent maintenance.

Storm Drain Charges: October 22, 2017

  • Single Family Property $ 5.69
  • Multifamily Property $ 29.33
  • Public Property $ 32.03
  • Manufacturing Property $ 38.19
  • Commercial Property – $ 40.96